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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin!

VITAMIN D: THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN A lot of you have probably been reading about vitamin D in the news. Deficiency in vitamin D is being linked to an increasing number… read more →

What to do about the flu.

What should I do? First of all, turn off your TV and your radio and stop reading the paper! Of course, being informed is important but there is such a… read more →

Special Offer for New Patients

October 7th-13th is national Naturopathic Medicine week! We are celebrating at Paracelsus by introducing you to the newest Naturopathic Doctor in our practice, Dr. Melissa Gastellum. Dr. Gastellum is a Primary… read more →

Getting the Lead Out – Are Toxic Metals Slowing You Down?

Metals are important for our health – we couldn’t survive without iron or magnesium. But many – like mercury, lead and arsenic – can be very dangerous. Heavy metal toxicity… read more →

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