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High Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Worried about your heart disease risk? Want to avoid taking conventional cholesterol-lowering drugs? We’ll show you how. There is much more to assessing and reducing heart disease risk than cholesterol levels. You may be worrying unnecessarily or you may have risk factors that are not picked up on routine tests.

Contrary to popular belief, statin drugs are largely ineffective in preventing heart disease and are inappropriate for the majority of people to whom they are prescribed. Known side effects include severe muscle pains, memory loss and an increased risk for cancer. Explore your options with us.

Assessment will include some or all of the following:

  • Comprehensive testing, including highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein (Cardio-CRP),
  • VAP Cholesterol panel, fibrinogen and homocysteine
  • Ruling out underlying disease that may be causing or contributing to your elevated cholesterol
  • What foods really matter when it comes to managing your cholesterol
  • How to exercise to protect your heart
  • Targeted nutritional supplements that work

Testimonials from Our Patients:

I found out five months ago that I had a total cholesterol level of 319. The medical doctor treating me at that time indicated that I could try modifying my diet and commence exercise, but that at my next visit, if I had not brought my cholesterol down, I would have to take statins.  I had read about statins and wanted to resist going down that path.  Everyone in my family is fairly thin and fit, but we all have high cholesterol; it’s genetic, so the message I was being given was that even with diet, exercise AND statins, the numbers still might not get significantly better.

Enter Dr. Barker.  First of all, Dr. Barker provided the most thorough consultation I have experienced with any health care practitioner, ever. Dr. Barker takes a holistic approach, and leaves no stone unturned.  Dr. Barker gave me some simple things to do (fish oils and supplements), and encouraged specific modifications in my diet and regular exercise. Second, Dr. Barker took the time to answer all of my questions; in the field of health care these days, this is a welcomed anomaly.

Today my cholesterol level is 182.  That’s a 137 point drop, or 43% decrease in total cholesterol. I would say that the numbers speak for themselves, but they don’t say this: see Dr. Barker if you want consideration and compassion for your particular health concerns.

M.M., Glendale


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